Food for Everybody

Today on my English final I chose topic under title Genetically Engineered Food. It’s a topic close to my own values as I happen to eat vegan. Yes, I only eat vegan, I don’t hippi-wippi about rules and dressing ethics. Well good for you who do, I sincerely hope it improves your lives and makes you happier. Me choosing what I put on my plate doesn’t make me better or lesser as it applies for everybody. What’s the Basic thing to thrive and survive? Mind your own business – in this case mind your own food.
In this corner there’s freedom to eat the walls or floor if it pleases you. Many will boo to my choice, some will admire it, some might not give a damn. One thing that’s just so irritating, asking why? Why is your reason to choose this or choose that. For all I know I read some interesting facts and decided to try the diet. I’ve been on it for 2 years now. And do I miss something? Hell yes, I sometimes miss the ignorance I had to stuff anything in my mouth not caring does it have milk powder or wrong kind of butter. I might have made mine and people who surrounds me, both mine and their lives a lot more difficult, but it’s worth it.

Look at that featuring image there, it was simply delicious. Not a soul bothered when I ordered it form a restaurant. Except maybe be the cook who had to do it, but it’s his choice again. Food really is the life, you may only postphone your hunger, but never remove it and I am glad for it.



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