One massage, please!


Today I set out for running and ended up jogging and mostly walking due to my pained neck. I’ve been battling against it with ice gel, helps when trying to sleep but not in the long run. Ah, the irony.

Why these things happens just after you have planned days before to go running. Once I left and after couple miles, my shoes felt too tiny and I couldn’t run no more. After this really keen studying, I’ll pay visit to a masseur.


I also went to Goexpo today, a sport fair with my boyfriend, Milan. It was really fun. Of course the sport foods and hand-out-treats were the main point. I found some suitable for me. There was huge golf-area, two pools where professional showed how to fish, basketball, tennis, table tennis and cycling area.



Not only there were this ballgames, there was horses and equipment and little camera fair upstairs. I didn’t find anything to buy, but it was cool trying these fun things. And it really made me miss horses, I used to ride on a horse-back. Now I just lazy-arse around.


I remember promising myself to do yoga today, but somehow there’s bag of chips and one cider next to me.



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