Glasses, Clothes and Hats

What’s the most difficult task every day? Find the awesome outfit from the closet, choosing between as not-so-luring options. Of late I’ve just pulled sweatpants or yoga pants with t-shirt and cardigan. My excuse is to be comfy during 6 hour exams.


Waiting for the time to use these leggings

Had I money to spend, I’d be strolling around shops. Good thing being this young is that your parents purses are your purses. I but lack the time too. Studying for a 6 hour exams can’t be managed.



One of my wickedest purchases has been beanie that has bluethoot-earphones knitted onto it. Hat that provides music, it’s quite common, but I love the invention neverthless. My problem has been feeling uncomfy when I have both earphones and beanie. It’s the edge of that beanie which presses the earphones into wrong position. Problem solved!



Milan uses my hats more often than I do, in order to get his hair out the way. First he complained that he cannot use my cap due to floral girlish pattern. Might have changed mind, he has started using it home.

I like wearing sunglasses, I always think they make me look so fabulous and unreachable. But again, you can see my eyes through the lenses. Altough I can’t use big sunglasses when they eats my originally  invisible eyebrows. I can just wish my future apartment has a closet for my clothes instead of shoving them all into tiny wardrobes.





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