For the title, I loaned one film’s name, a hundred-foot-journey, it was about cooking and getting the 3rd star, and it lured me so. Highly recommend it.

To the review of movie on IMDB

Today I am going to talk one thing close to my heart and that’s travelling. Since a kid I’ve been travelling with my family across Europe. Italy, France, Hungary, Turkey, Monaco, Germany and Spain to name a few. Yes, we’ve done a great deal of going to places.

Three best places, what to do & see and a memoir what happened.

  1. Oxford, Englan
  2. Verona, Italy
  3. Rovaniemi, Finland



First I start with last one, Rovaniemi. It’s located Northern Finland, you can see reindeer herds crossing roads outside the city. Mostly Finland is relatively flat, but up there are only hills and peaks. Northern lights are visible some of the nights. During summer sun never sets and during winter the opposite.

I visited there with my sister and dad in 2010, we did stop for reindeers to cross the road, but I was sitting on the back seat, watching movie so I missed it. We had a hotel room that lacked thick curtains so it was little hard to fall asleep due to the sunlight. The views and nature were amazing.

Novel: A year of Hare, Arto Paasilinna


A river Adige runs through Verona, it’s second longest river in Italy. Everybody should absolutely go to Juliet’s statuette and touch her right breast, it’s said to give you fortune and luck in love. There’s huge open theatre, you can visit.

Why my travel memoirs are so sunny? Mom’s purse was stolen in Verona, but we could still enjoy the beautiful city. Luckily we had bought our tickets back to Milan already.

Drama: Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare



I spend 3 weeks in Oxford, it was a language course and my first travel alone with my friends. Exploring was limited and we had our lessons, but it was amazing. We did punting on the Thames, visited London two times, shopped and had fun there.

Sheldonian library has something like 13km of book shelves. There’s the biggest book shop I’ve ever seen. There’s this theatre that only plays drama. You might visit the scenes of Harry Potter in one of the Universities and shop that sells all Alice in the Wonderland themed products.

Novel: Discovering witches, Deborah Harkness


Milan has promised to take me Nepal one day. I can’t to wait going there, I am already planning our stay, tho it’s happening maybe next year.


Where do you wish to travel?



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