When I was little kid, I thought that marrying couple chooses how many kids they’ll have in the ceremony. It never occurred to me wonder where the kids really came from.

In finnish we have this term ” aurinkomatkat”, which means in straight translation sun vacation, aka travelling some warm country. And I happily announced that I’ll be travelling to the moon.

Everybody has cravings and now that I’ve not kept keen eye eating the right stuff, I have  been craving mashed potato, tofu and tacos. My friend started laughing at the market when I was pondering aloud what I craved and finally told her, oh it’s mashed potato! Damn it yesterday I ate half kilo of mashed potato – not in one meal tho.

what I do in secret when I think nobody sees? Well of course I straighten my inner ware, or sometime scratch   myself in some awkward place, like close to my armpit. If I eat candy publicly, I pretend it’s gum so I look more healthy.

I listen rock mainly, but I weep for some classical composes. I’ve called our other cat ” water cat” in Swedish. I memorize the current page I am reading because I am too lazy to put a mark.

I claimed to hate candles and especially the smoke when it’s blown out, but I keep a candle in my room to watch the play of fire.

I couldn’t cry when I watched The Fault in our Stars, I almost laughed hearing the whole movie theatre weeping with so silly noises I was close to piss on my pants.

Lastly, when I was a kid, I couldn’t use a bathroom im school, so I had to run home at the end of the day. Usually I was just outside our front door, when I couldn’t hold longer.




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