Faulty chase of happiness

For me winning has always been the top priority of my life. To prove myself right I kept accepting challenges but every time I tried to win I knew what winning actually is; true sense of victory. I don’t even remember when I changed until a beautiful human being lightened me up. I was in confusion what actually it is. I would never forget my dad words: thinking just about me will give little joy whereas thinking of everybody will overflow it, make it limitless. Hmm not being particularly aware of the fact, I made many people sad throughout these years. Everyone tolerated it but never ditched my side since love is what they had for me. Next name of love is sacrifice I never knew and I kept on troubling everyone. People kept losing for me and I mistaken it as my win. I left them telling they don’t deserve me. We think very different was my regular reply for their generosity and desire of walking some miles together but now they are leaving me and I feel how much pain I gave them all this time. I felt forlorn for a bit all down to me honestly. Shame on me I always thought self happiness is must in love but love actually is way of self changing for someone, adjustments implies weakness of you this is what I thought but if we never adjust in love then what have we ever done? I never cared for other rather than me in my life. When I was owner of my decisions trust me I was very happy but not the people around me. This ain’t gonna happen now onwards. Today I have accessed real happiness which is connected with them all. The very love that brought us together I now have to live with the same love. To get success in life do a lot of hard works don’t do any compromises; but in case of relations losing against them is still our win coz in return love is what we get from them. This is what I have learned at least. I am but glad to have understood it. Better late than never they say, ehh?


This might as well be utter bollocks for some who is more carefree than I ever was. My apologies. Sharing things and letting them out from the damn brain gives fresh air and much more freedom to breathe. Hope everybody have had a great read despite it missing fun things. Cheers.

Man of Mystery


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