Ghost in the woods

After watching few episodes of Game of Thrones ( We’re rewatching it, it’s our favourite) and eating lunch-typish food, we headed into darkening woods.




I have to admit it was already dark when we left in our running gears. We were out for 35 minutes, did not run the whole time, when road was so icy. Once there was this high drop into the beach and Milan said so knightly that I should move to the other side of the road. He didn’t wish to have a chance seeing me fall.


We could have been out for more, it was the booked sauna at 8 that made us move more hastly towards home. Before it I got scared and shouted for Milan who could run easily on ice for the spikes on the bottom of his shoes. He came back and as I was going to photoshoot gloomy stump, he hopped onto it and stand there like a ghost in the woods.WP_20170322_19_56_49_Pro

We got home, went to damn relaxing and hot sauna, watched Game of Thrones, discovered that salsa we bought yesterday was running water with vegetables swimming in it.We went to sleep just to woke up at 4. Milan lives in a student apartment and has 3 other students in their own room, sharing kitchen, toilet and shower.

I woke up first, to the sound of the room’s door open and close. We had went to bed being the only ones in whole apartment. In the middle of room swayed pale, short-blond-haired, blue-eyed ghost that repeated ” Good Night, Good Night, Good Night”.

He was a ghost from room 4. Milan woke up, first thinking it was a ghost or a dream, but then got up and guided this drunken ghost to its own room.


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