Sound alarm dogpeople here comes the cats!

We have rescued two cute cats. Not that I don’t like dogs or I favor cats. Before them I wanted a dog, but it’s impossible until I’ve my apartment. I’ll have a dog ( possibly Akita or Hokkaido), bunny and hedgehog, bcs they’re so cute. I’ll execute this plan after I’ve done the most of travelling or when I have that own apartment.

Back to our cats. Lilli favours me so I have more pictures of her.

She’s around six years old and we adopted her as a kitten. Somebody had left behind two cats at their summer cottage, or two cats had ended up in somebody’s summer cottage and founded cats with litter. Lilli’s Brother was already reserved, but this lady charmed us with love and care. Sometimes she has come to us and put a paw on our lips if we cough or shout. She sings when my sister plays guitar and once soaked her paws in a sink when my mother washed some clothing. When she was little she didn’t mind water and insisted to take a shower.


She has her spot, where she sleeps like that.


Antero is our male cat, also rescued. He was founded from a forrest and first was so scared that he only stayed under our beds. First he was wary of people, he’s shy still.

Our little police has been with us somewhat 8 years, he’s probably 12 or 13 years old, came to us past year 3. Antero drinks his water dipping his paw into bowl and licking water from the paw. It’s so cute. He loves brushing and goes crazy with happines every time we brush him. Once he hopped onto a drawer he wasn’t supposed to and his fur catched flame from candle. It wasn’t serious, we just saw little smoke and black swirl of a cat. He is little dumb. Never have they ever but Antero that one time gotten near candles and we had not time to even react. Once he crawled into a bag and his leg got stuck to it, so next we saw him widly dashing away plastic bag following for a while.

When Lilli came into house, they had warned that they need separate sand boxes, when the little one might be scared. It was Antero who was little scared for a start. They come perfectly along.



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