Never sensible

DSC_3320Milan has been telling me his throat is sore. I never minded, insensible me. My throat is sore now, because I didn’t let it stop me being with him. I could say I love him so much that I don’t let him suffer alone. Said I that, would I regret the most doing it on purpose, even on that purpose.


There’re lots of things that are never sensible, why people in general postpones things they think they’re too lazy to do at the moment. When you really think of it, you still need to do it later and what if you’re lazy later or even lazier? You’ll never do it.DSC_3102


Why we do things that will make us endure pain later? We sit in wrong position when we’re on phone or computer, it causes us pain, but how much we to about it, when you really think.

We know what food makes us healthy and which don’t, still me continue bad habits. We know how to protect nature, but do we care, really care.



Are we just bunch of ignorant and careless folk with some senses about us, or are we never sensible? When we look at the news telling wars that have been on decades before us and will continue decades after us. It must be sensible for them. I am not here judge them decisions, I believe I would with too had I been born one of them. War’s never sensible, when things can be solved without force.

If things were easy to solve, they’d beenDSC_3451 solved already. But when everything is worthless without power and money in a world of markets. I’ve heard tales that they don’t offer all available apartments so they can ask for higher price. It’s entirely sensible for them. Don’t blame them, one day I might be in the business.



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