Veni Vidi Vegan


” I don’t want to speak of this” Milan said as he left the room after a talk about veganism. I wasn’t that bad! He just asked me, based on never sensible do I care about world, care about nature. I said I do, I preserve nature By not eating animals. He said I am saving the animals. I gave the facts and it led to him walking out the room. Nicely handled, vegan.

These situations happens all the time, misunderstanding, unpatience, not enough view to understand each other. Is that who we are? At least many behaves and talks that way when they start investigating my veganism. Maybe they think that I am not at all offended when my choises are questioned. One of my relatives told me ” Oh, that’s just a pace, it’ll pass.” WP_20160713_16_33_06_Pro

It hasn’t passed and it’s highly unlikely it will. I found it just before the mainstream and during my first year vegan products multiplied hugely. For me it’s not floating on the newest, hottest wave. I don’t get how pulled oat is so famous, I saw it first time a month ago, when it’s been in shops for a year at least. And actually it was kind of disappointment, little too though to chew in my opinion – reminded me of old, dry meat, but that’s just me.

I don’t go knockin’ people’s doors and preaching how veganism saves the world, because I believe in non-forced choice of matters, where nobody poWP_20160713_16_33_40_Prollutes your consideration with their opinions. It’s worthless, if it’s not coming from inside and empty, if it’s done only for giving good picture of healthy living. For me it’s as simple as a choice, when choices speaks louder than my voice. I am not vegan for showing people oh, this is the right way of living. I am vegan, because it suits me and I’ll be exactly vegan as long as it suits me.

Did I hate eating animals, is that it? No, only one meat, chicken. I got bored with the taste, since we mostly ate it due my sister’s vegetarinism. She eats eggs, milk and white meat. Actually, she started using oat milk for her reasons. I remember it had to do something with her digestion. Well, whatever. I am not interested as long as it doesn’t smell strongly, I happen to have sensitive nose.


It makes me laugh that I decided being a vegan in fortnight. Every other weekend I am at my dad’s. First I talked casually about veganism, two weeks from that I just announce, ” Hey, I eat vegan now”. It has been little tricky for my friends and relatives. I manage my own food always everywhere. Every time I visit my grandma, I bring my own snacks to have with coffee. In wedding I ate strawberries and drank tea, for I had been forgotten. It was lovely seremony, but hungry one too. WP_20160713_16_37_01_Pro




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