Went for Jewelries, tried a shirt, Bought a panda



I woke up not feeling well,  all for few drinks night before. I thought it’s not going to be a very special day, just some movies and lot of resting. Instead I got a job interview, but since I wasn’t feeling brilliant, I  told it’s better tomorrow.

After Milan came home, I am so selfish I made him cancel his plans after lunch, because I felt like shopping. I told him, I need anyway look for jewelries to wear at my graduation day.



We looked form couple of shops but then at H&M, I didn’t find jewelries that fit my style, but I wanted to go with Milan because he was trying two shirts I had picked up after he asked me to make him new style. I needed to find something to try on, We wandered to H&M Home section and I found adorable panda, I had to get it, it’d make a perfect mascot for me. Panda for Panda. I didn’t like the shirt I tried, it was way too big, looked like I’d pulled a grey sack on me. I liked both shirts Milan tried, but he bought only one.

Clerk forgot the alarm on her ear, so I needed go day after to get it off, it was odd that it did not alarm when I left shop, but did when I entered. 

We had only 1,5 hours to shop before the shops closed. Next we went to general store, because Milan needed new cable for speaker. Then I insisted that we go to toy store to buy a present to my god child, whose birthday is coming up in couple weeks.  I had only 5 minutes to decide what to buy and I ended up a little animal figure, she can play with.

We started to leave and I asked whether we should order something from Nepalese restaurant. And Milan suggested that we could go actually eat dinner in one. He knows the owner of this one restaurant called Mantra, so we took underground and went there. It was nice, comfy place with many customers. Food was awesomely good, it was vegetable curry with rice. I simply love naan bread and could only eat that. I love it so much that after I was full, I asked Milan should we take some home, but it was too late and we both were tired, so we just went home.  WP_20170401_20_19_22_Pro_LI


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