To recieve you need to walk

I always tell myself, ” No, you don’t think you’re making world better. You’re not making better world, you cannot do” But still there I go acting like some changes would happen. I mislead myself, I recogniWP_20170403_20_14_33_Proze it ignoring it anyway. Today I did not a such thing.

I did little decorating in my room, a small improvement for my corner, which I am going to show you later, when it’s as complete as it can be. The small improvement was something that google translater says to be a standard lamp and I’ve no idea how high google translator this time is.


What so ever, I look forward finishing up with re-furnishing my room, I have no words how sick I am with that childish green-white-wardrobe with yellow details I am. I’ve well planned how I am going to spend my next pay check indeed. Yes there will be gigantic changes, and I’ll show you before and after pictures, But that have to wait till this month’s end. Let’s put on a count-down to that. WP_20170403_19_58_19_Pro_LI

Today after planning my future new room, I almost dragged Milan to come out walk with me. That was ever so fruitful considering the shots I got. We discovered new sides from his neighbour hood he didn’t know exsisted, a hidden beach behind a forrest, facing little gulf. It was so cold that after an hour long walk we took a underground back home.


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