This is where I draw the line

you could expect that’ll talk about my favourite subject veganism or some wrongness that have happened to me, but no. I am fond of drawing, I am self-trained little artist.

I am not saying I am good or bad or semi, that’s up to you. Iwas going to challenge myself, which I’ll execute later, but I just lack that quality to create out of task. I just can’t write or sketch if I don’t have inspiration.

Well, I did this 2-minute thing of my latest instaphoto, and it’s not my type of work, but with little fix it turned out real nice for 2-minute thing.

Now that I ” don’t have time” to sketch I started to doubt how far is my dream to be interior designer. Well at least 3,5 years, if I get to this academy I want.

I might go to a course or some training lectures, before applying there. I’ve this vision for 5 years but I could totally forget it in 3,5 years. Maybe it stays as a hobby.

I’ve already planned to go this bartender course which seems really cool. And if I’ll become manager of hotel or restaurant, it’s not bad to know few things about interior design.

I feel like Alice, falling into rabbit hole.


Well, anyway. I go find my inspiration and return to this subject later.


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