Only in summertime things will change with time

Or at least so Imagine dragons sang in their song Summer from Smoke+Mirrors. Huge fan, never seen them. Some could say, nay you’re no huge fan. Well, actually this huge fan has a reason; a thin wallet. The fact that I know this “unfamous” song proves that I listen them. Unfamous with “”, when imagine dragons has fans.

Only in summertime I change from a pale ghost to ghost surrounded by nicely tanned people. Unfair, not even a thousand summertimes could change that.

I guess the point is that when you don’t see people frequently, they change a little since it’s month that you don’t see each other or longer. I could only change to be lazier, I fear.

Today I sabotazed my fingernail, so it didn’t peel of, but started bleeding little underneath and now hurts, and messes up with my writing. One could say I only published to complain about my fingernail, which by the way will be better and I don’t even need summer for that.

Since I didn’t have time to take pics, I leave this short.


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