Q&A for me and Milan.

Best memory with him/her? 

A: Our first Christmas, which happened to be his first Christmas in his whole life, since he’s Hindu. I really loved showing him our traditions and Christmas food.  We got him presents and took him to church, to see one service. I usually don’t go to church, it’s my mom who loves Christmas songs.

M: I’d pick the times we spent on Christmas 2016. We had delicious Finnish dinner and watched Christmas movie together afterwards. I was chuffed with the gifts I was supposed to get. Actually I had lurgy yet the times were wicked. I was gagging to unveil the wrapped and mysterious gifts of Antonia.

What is his/her adorable habit? 

A: When he grabs my cheeks with both hands, squeezes them and says cuchimuchi while looking right into my eyes.

M: All the facial expressions and gestures Antonia possess naturally are bloody adorable.

What is his/her annoying habit?

A: When he keeps troubling me after I’ve told him to quit it.

M: Basically planning and after a split second planning the change in that earlier plan already.

What advise would you give about this person?

A: Do not give him vodka.

M: You should see her smiling.

I would change about him/her?

A: Idea of growing long beard and keeping long mustache.

M: Her taste of computer games.

What’s one funny thing he/she does?

A: The way he over-excitedly cheers and acts when Liverpool scores.

M: She starts screaming before I my hands reaches her when I tickle.

The thing you love about him/her?

A: Every  damn thing

M:  She trying to help me even if when she knows it’s not her piece of cake.



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