I am a waiting f-ups

This might not be any relevant, but when you do lunch in a school or work place cafeteria, if they serve fries or any sliced potato, stop for a minute for pray the poor soul who’s going to dig them up from that sink after they’ve soaked for hours and are all mushy.

Actually, it’s all relevant. I am going to reveal things about my part-time-job. Not as revealing secrets, but sharing experiences, in other words f-ups, so do grab a comfy seat and enjoy.

( Details has been changed and nothing off-limits are told)

Where should I start, well this is juicy or not so, the juiciness comes afterwards. I was waitressing this big gala out of the city. It was like what two years ago? But I remember when the time came to pick up main course plates backstage, I was wondering why are they in mini-cabinets until some nice cook gave me gloves. ” they’re hot” .. They were so god-demanding hot that after longish walk to my tables, all I could do was bite my lips and heal burnt fingers afterwards. I was so close to throw the plates away in the ballroom or just anywhere.

Glad I didn’t. I still need the job.

I was having sort of bad day once in hotels’ breakfast, I had been collecting dishes all Morning. I don’t really know what happened, but it was classic. In a hall full of people that I was carrying fell apart and I do believe I did got some porridge on my shirt. Felt everybody watching me, marched into kitchen, cleaned myself up and went back face burning red to collect what I had left. It thought me to have some spine, after total f-up embarrassment to slam pieces together and act nothing happened.

Once in cafeteria the one who was assigned to show me around and tell me what to do was totally ❤ hitching to me, and what did I do? Snap back. Genius. I did try to cover it and I think I succeeded. (for the record I’ve really loved all these wonderful colleagues I’ve had and my bosses have all been amazing, lots of love to you)

And to say, I’ve had shifts for countless of hotels, bars, restaurants, arenas and cafeterias. I do not know (since it’s the only one I know) any more welcoming profession. Customers in general are happier because of all mighty food. But when I am your waitress, if there’s any problem, I am going to do all my best to make it right. That’s how I love my job.


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