I’ve been extremely and busy lately due to my 2-week shift which I love so WP_20170411_09_10_36_Pro_LIand makes my account full and happy. Actually it’s me who’s happy.

Being vegan doesn’t necessarily mean to leave out the fun and unhealthy. I bought myself an Easter egg that cost me almost 9 euros. All non-vegans could buy same for 1 euro. Fair.WP_20170412_20_35_56_Pro_LI

I spent my Easter out the town, where I didn’t have wifi. It was hard and kind of relaxing. I finished two books also. Loved them both. A place called Winter By Patrick Gale and Vegetarian by Han Kang. First Shout-Korean author. Did some shopping too with my dad’s money.

Yesterday I tried two new sodas, since at work I had wondered for two weeks how they taste. Pepsi Max with ginger. First sip and I thought what am I drinking? At the end I got a grasp on the ginger essence. But for other times it felt like Pepsi mixed with muddy root. Didn’t fancy. The other was Hartwall’s ( idk if you get it only in Scandinavia) this red soda with a picture of berries which only said guarana. It tasted like pink marshmallow. Me like.Kuvahaun tulos haulle pepsi max gingerKuvahaun tulos haulle hartwall guarana

We bought second-hand Xbox 360 and some games with Milan, shipped them all the way to Milan’s in my hand bag and his backpack just to find out his screen didn’t have place for HDMI, so today’s for shipping those to my place, where I have my own tv. One intelligent idea after another, we decided to carry my tv his Place too. We’re halfway, when my so thoughtful love remembered that his friend who lives nearby

  1. Has a car
  2. is home
  3. could have helped us

But no. We had to carry it all the way.

This fine Saturday I’ve as much as played for 8.30 till 12.55, eaten lunch, finished with reading Kon-Tiki, started biography The story of Alice and written this post. Next week will be xsome (awesome) since I might even get started with re-decorating my room. Besides that I am just drifting along what ever may pass By.


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