Rule me out

I am not the most of vegans, definition for most of vegans is fanatic about food, animal rights and saving the damned world. For couple first months I was like that too. ( or maybe I had to remind myself why I am doing this strict diet) Anyway I came to that conclusion that world can save itself. I am not on a mission.

On contrary, I am going to be honest and tell all the downsides of being vegan, I might also reach downsides of the most strict diets, it’s rather universal. Here I go.

Firstly it feels uncomfty to visit some relatives or go to party, where the host is in distress of what I can eat and making it all quite a show. Once I was served something vegan that had taste of chicken. I guess it’s better for my host, bcs they needed to eat the rest, but I really would eat real chicken, if I missed the taste.

Then, usually at my work, there’s left-over this and that all non-vegan that is going to trash, and you hate the waste but can’t do anything. And when they’re giving away of pastry that smells like heaven and it’s right there for you to reach and savour the awesome taste. You can already taste it, but you have to turn to your principals and honour the choice.

After you slip from the choice, people will think ” oh, she’s back to normal, now I don’t have to make fuss about vegan food” Or that their assumption would be.

Milan tells me that vegeterian pizza from pizzeria tastes like a cartoon box and once when asking without cheese, the guy laughed at me. Well I’ve to admit it’s not worth of the cost. It would be wonderful to eat together. Countless of times Milan has pleaded me to taste chicken he has cooked Nepali way. Every time refusal.

I’ve promised that one day after few more years of veganism, I’ll be one day non-vegan. Just for fun.

There’s always a gap that separates us, I eat my own stuff and Milan eating his. I’ll tell him to drink water since I don’t want to taste animal-based foods.

Sometimes we eat together same things, like curry and naan, vegan macaroni, pizza made by me or desserts.

Since nobody in my circle is vegan, I feel isolated, dragging my non-vegan places (which they have liked and are always up to new tastes – love you for that). And my mom and dad have been really awesome, adjusting and preparing meals up to my diet. I’ve supporters and far-away vegan-tuned people so maybe this is why I am honest. Ruling out veganism is not bad decision, it doesn’t make you a world-killing villain. It’s just a decision.


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