Up with the Sun

Which is why I’ve been so tired that I plug off charging phone to charge a Computer I’ve not used for at least four days, because I’ve come home (been home) feeling so lazy I can only sit on my well-cushioned-pillow and play Skyrim on Xbox 360.

I’ve literally been up with the Sun for two days on a row now. Waking up 5.20 is no dessert I’d choose, but customer sets starting time, and I need to be there early to dress on my uniform and wake up. Milan usually wakes up at 11 to collect the trails of my hasty departure, such as whole buttered and toasted bread or half cup of honeyed tea.

Season does agree disagree with me, wet-snowing other day and being all sunny the next, should get over it’s period. Being too lazy is making me wear my winter jacket, which is good in the still so cold early mornings, but the time I get back home I am tidy put walking piece of sweat.

I’ve made couple people laugh or apologise that I ended up with my summer job. And I almost wept with joy when I got accepted to McDonalds. What a irony, Vegan selling double cheese burgers or McFlurry. As a vegan my place would be  parading outside McDonalds with a sign saying how cruel people are eating slaughtered cows instead of savoring hummus-dipped seitan. Hell I care what people eat, I’ll sell anything – seitan, toffee Sunday or double cheese burger, because that’s how I stay employeed.

I think I am finally getting the grasp of adulthood, having decided to stick with my horrible old furnishing, so that in case I move out soon, I don’t have to move as much big furnitures around. Is it being adult or just convinient? Nah, I’ve already planned how I spend money that’s not even in my account, well I’ve still many mornings with sun before this girl is adult.


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