Day well spent

Until 7.30 this Morning I thought I am working today. I was at my workplace when my boss stops me and asks, are you sure you have shift today?

I didn’t.

I had woken up 5.20, do all preparations and traveled hastly to my work just to make coffee, change my own clothes and come back home to sleep some more.

After “complaining” my shit luck to one of my friends, he pointed out that I’ve more time to do stuff and spend day well.

I dozed off after 9 o’clock, we slept till 14.30 with my lazy-arse of a boyfriend. Breakfast, Second breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack has been following ingredients: vegetable noodels, chickbeans and rye bread. Yummy and in between of healty and unhealty.

I visited home now that I mostly live with Milan in his tiny room and we went grocery shopping in nearby market.

After playing for hours I made finnish playlist for Milan as a form of education and now I am sitting on a leather couch,Β  Or more of a half-lying writing this text.

I consider it day well spent.


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