Everyone’s little helper

As I have earlier said, I am not vegan to improve world, for me diets or religions or being religion-free is a choice to improve ones own life and maybe indirectly surroundings. Indirectly improving your surroundings is getting your friends and family acquainted with a way of thinking/doing you found. They might get at least new experinces or thoughts through you.

What I earlier said stands still, I don’t care improving the whole damn world, there’s too much  things and people in the world that they could possibly fit into my sincere care. Like, it’s miracle that sometimes I can care even myself. I am not Mother Teresa, and well, I am afraid it wouldn’t suit me either. It’s not bad being me and it’s not definitely bad being Mother Teresa. This speaking is me trying to get the bottom of real and honest, neverthless the turth.

I don’t care the whole world enough, though I truly respect it. I care about improving my familys’, friends and relatives lives and those people who are yet to come into my life. In other words I am painfully helpful ( really great virtue in customer service). I always believe I can help other people, even if it’s not my area of expertise and sometimes I am really stubborn in helping. Once as Milan did some questionnaire for school from his Computer I sat next to him guessing the answers and most of them were correct so I told him I helped even tho I had no idea.

I am not head-to-toe helpful, usually in nice, easy tasks like listening people. What it comes to doing dishes or cleaning the  floor drain, I am not jumping head first to help. When I get to help people, I get the grattitude and in some cases learn something myself. I belive doing things to other you would want to done to yourself since I was 3 grader and heard that line. I also believe in line what gets around, comes around, in other words karma. Helping people is no work without pay, it’s more of satisfaction that you’re able to do something small, and save the other’s day in a simple way.

Helping is like being a superhero


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