Mysterious Packet

Few days ago as I went home, I found out this paper slip from my room that informed I’d got a packet that’s waiting in post office nearby. I was scanning through all my orders, had I just forgot something, had something been so delayed I completely forgot about it.

I checked all my last orders, all of them were with me already, so what was this packet about?

I thought, oh yes, I had sent a packet for my panpal to Kansas for her birthday, maybe she had sent some kind of thank you – present? I didn’t expect that, though I had wondered about it awhile, since the packet should already had arrived there. It’s about time to get a letter, or a packet, if there was packet from her.

I took the slip and my ID ( This case I didn’t need it but I wanted to be sure) and strode out of the door I had just came in few minutes ago.

There was next to no cue at post office, so I got the packet quickly.

SUPRISE! WP_20170523_10_56_38_Pro_LI

It wasn’t from my penpal, it was from our last trip hostess and host from Germany. We were there for few days with Mom last November. Packet was pretty heavy and first guess is a book or something. I was terribly wrong, and I am so glad my guess was so wrong, since it was the most perfect gift anyone has ever given me. If we don’t count the present Milan gave me, but it was a wristwatch of my own choice, so it can’t be put on his credit.



Inside there was this graduation card, just perfectly my type.

Two vegan chocolatebars ( yellow and green), the other basically like vegan Snickers and the other something marsmallow-ish – extremely good, but afterwards you just want to pour plain salt into your mouth. Vegan chocholate cookies that Milan simply loved with me.

That Nicessary packet was mystery inside a mystery. So heavy, yet so small. Not a book, no.





Even better! Our hostess, Doris, she remembered how we were at Christmas Market ( one of the many) and I found this glassy placemats for cups so adorable and nice. NICESSARY indeed. They didn’t accept cards and mom wasn’t in the mood to give me like 6 euros cash, what seems so ridiculous when I think of it now. So, I basically ran to ATM and got my glassy placemat.

From Doris, I got 4 more, but they were more than nice and pretty placemats, they were reminder of the days in Berlin, all the Christmas markets and places we saw and shops we visited.



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