Wise words and shiny dresses

On 2.6 we pactised with whole school our graduation seremony, when I was sitting on second row among my classmates, I just kept thinking, they have made a mistake! What if my name is not on the list, what if I am not graduating really? I got the courses on check so late that I feared it was too late. The fear was unnecessary.ย IMG-20170604-WA0008

The next day 3.6 I woke up to sensation that’s not nervous, nor excited, just plainly dull. I did everything pretty hastly, I didn’t even have time to make my bed. I walked in a tiny dress without jacket in a wind that froze me to my soul. At my friend’s we ordered a taxi to amusement park our school sits next to, the seremony was to be kept in theatreย  inside that amusement park.

There were speeches, some music and all of 160 students were separately invited to get the achievements and graduation hat. That took some what 1,5 hours – it killed my legs, to sit on them for so long.

We held the party at my Place, relatives, family and friends, total of 38 people. Gifts and roses I liked them all, and I am not just saying – I didn’t get too much of anything. My sister and her friend sang four songs and my mom and godfatherย  gave me pretty speeches.

I was insisted to cut first piece of cake, tho I wouldn’t eat it.


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