Welcome to work life

– to McDonald’s after an accidental cream sauce shower from new colleague. What a sauceful welcome, at least unforgettable. The colleaue wondered how I didn’t get mad, in truth  I was too excited/scared to be angry, but in mind I told, that could/will happen to me and maybe people won’t be angry. Hopefully.

The people I’ve been around today ( hadn’t really time to talk with many even a word) seems nice. Nice, like meaning it sincerely, tho it was my first day in a Place I’ll be for a long time, from time to time I woke up to that – I am still really an OUTsider – hell, people don’t know me, I don’t know them, and I had all my focus on what I am doing. Plus it’s really hard just crack a conversation outside work experiences ect. when I don’t really know anything about the others.

Day was interesting, tough and now I am too  tired and need to go arrange few things for tomorrow.


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