Few weeks of work

” I am still breathing, I am still breathing. I am alive!” – Alive, Sia

I kind of like it, tho it’s so hard. Every day I should be faster and faster, or it feels like so. Ofc some of my bosses have learned these things more easier, but it doesn’t get easier, if somebody stands, watched for a minute and judges. Ofc, I need it too. It’s their responsibility to watch and judge.

I’am so proud I’ve memorized all burgers. I still need to think a lot which dressings is for this and this. And I need to think it in 5 seconds, or my steaks get burned. That’s why I sometimes wish, please, let me just get my burger-making easier – then and only then I can get myself faster, I might need just a few weeks.

Am I there only for a summer, that’s different case. Well I might as well apologise all the mistakes – and slowness, been and coming. I don’t feel bad if I do it 10 seconds slower than others, I want to do it right. Hastiness and panicking cost more than keeping that extra ten seconds. Anyway I always welcome those words of improvement.

Once in work, I started thinking. I’d been in a delicious smells of grilled steaks whole day. I thought, it smells so good. The most painful of it, was I sincerely don’t crave for meat, it’d be the last thing I’d taste again. But in that moment it smelled like a paradise. Now that I think of meat, naah. Even when I made meatballs for Milan. Simply nothing. But I had that odd piece of memory ( maybe) from those days I really liked the smell.


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