Sleepless at summer

I came home from work closer to 01:00. I decided that I am hungry and prepared chickpeas in oven. I also needed to do laundry, which takes 30 minutes, plus folding it to dry. After those necessities I started reading novel, but I felt too energetic, so I ill-wisely started exercising. Of course I became more energetic!

So, at 03:00 I prepared a tea, took blanket and went to our balcony to listen some music and sing  – and this is what I saw


From right, up 03:10, 03:30, 03:55, 04:25, 05:00 and 05:20

It was really relaxing and refreshing to sing all pressures of newly started work away. (Not that wise, considering I was 42 hours awake total – mainly because of 2 eight-or- seven-hour shifts) In spare days, when you can sleep in, I recommend!


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