Entrance Examination and Result

The first part of examination was a test, where you only blackened already given answers you thought right. I have to confess I didn’t know what to expect and the test asked way more detailed information than I was prepared to. I am bad at numbers, so how I can remember the amount of visitors to this particular island?

I feel so stupid right now. You see, when I was walking to the building that has campus’ name on it. My google map told me, it’s way ahead – it’s not that building. I was going to go inside to ask am I right place, but I had time, so I decided to check where my map was guiding me. Totally wrong destination! I was siding a high-fenced-industrial-area. Nope. I had to ran back to the building I saw first.

In the test I messed up even more, I had borrowed milan’s pencil case and instead of rubber, I took this white box of staples. That got me so into trouble, when at the end of the test I’d blackened not crossed right answers. I needed to ask a rubber from the test controller and cross all my answers.

The Second part

I was quite surprised when I got invitation to the second part of entrance examination. This part was an individual interview. This time I had no problem finding the place. Just before my turn I had sudden need to get to toilet, but I couldn’t go, they could call me just when I left to toilet. I had to cross my legs and try not to mind.

The two teachers that interviewed me were nice, though scary, cause I was so nervous. When I opened my mouth, all that came out was stammered words. I somehow got hold of my nerves and start making little more sense.

Question were like ” Why should we choose you?”, ” Where do you see yourself after studies”, ” What are your expectations?” ( horrible word to muster when nervous and little stammering already), ” What’s your plan B?”


I am on waiting list, place 4. Milan told me his friend was on same school’s waiting list on place 20 and got in. – Extremely lucky, I guess.

Will I study this autumn? That’ll find out by 13th of August.


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