Becoming a Viking

Milan is crazy about all Viking, Norse and medieval stuff and of course he loves series called Vikings. With his own words, it started when he was little and watched those programs about Vikings. WP_20170709_15_46_11_Pro_LI


For me, a girl who anyway reads a lot, used to love history as a school subject and has always been fascinated in Medieval era, it’s natural to pop into well supplied bookstore and buy Eleanor Rosamund Barraclough’s historical book, Beyond The Northlands – Viking Voyages and Old Norse Sagas. So far I’ve read it little less than half way and I find it so intriguing. Sadly Milan hasn’t shown that kind of interest reading that rather thick volume.


Some what a week ago we were walking into near shopping mall, I glanced display window of a jewellery store, grabbed Milan’s arm and half-shouted

” Look, aren’t those Vikinwp_ss_20170709_0002g jewelleries?”                                           We walked closer to the display window and yes, that  single showcase was filled with Northern Viking Jewelry. Milan was so happy, he had been telling me for months how he wants to have these Viking Jewelleries, but doesn’t like to order anything online. He got himself a massive axehead and cool ring I picked for him.

few days ago we visited the shop again and I bought myself a Thor’s hammer – and pretty earrings (though no Viking)  – Pictures of my new pieces is found left, under my insta feed


Yesterday we filled our dreams and went kayaking – step closer becoming a Viking.


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