After trip

I arrived home around 00:00 and stayed up till 01:40 mostly talking with Milan, whose plane took off from Amsterdam 06:35 the next day. He was like a zombie when he ringed our door bell – haven’t slept at all.

I woke up 10:17 that morning, went straight to near-by market, to fix some couscous with tofu, vegetables and potatoes for me and Milan.

After he came we ate and he insisted watching the newest episode of Game of Thrones, though he started snoring 5 minutes before the end. It was so cute to find him sleeping soundly, breathing so heavily. I left him sleep for a couple of hours. I went outside to read The Penguin Lessons by Tom Michell, novel I had bought from Amsterdam airport to pass time during the flight. ( I btw love the true story, it’s so heart-warming and nice)

After an hour I came to ask if he wants to wake up like he told me before sleeping. ” Ten minutes more” ended up being two hours and forty minutes more. And then my Love needed to get up for eat some.

We went his place to collect my bike and his work clothes. On the way back he insisted driving the bike after killing his legs sitting behind me. My bike is really sensitive so when we were rolling down a hill Milan kind of lost control, started shaking and turning left and right. I got scared and tried to jump off. My sandal fell off my feet, making me do a somersault over my right shoulder. I got scratch under my knee and in the shoulders too. It don’t hurt and I am completely fine, and told that millions of times to Milan but he was so damn concerned and loving, forcing me to put some healing lotion. What a home coming.



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