Trip to Amsterdam 1. Day

oh, look at Milan! Sitting with our bags, arranging something. I was so determined to get great picture and acting like a paparazzi – made him blush and laugh.


We were soo excited, our flight was to take off 10:35 the next morning and we needed to wake up early. Everything went exactly as planned, though there was small line when we quequed for check-in.

I spent about half an hour to get my faux eyelashes to stick ( last time I used one was for prom a year ago.) I had so many hardships with it – lashes sticking with my fingertips instead of eyelids. Eventually I got them to stay.

First we’re sitting on wrong seats due to confusing seating ( the other side had few more rows so the numbers didn’t match to our row. At the airport we took a taxi, I just told name of the hotel and taxi was “yes, of course”. After paying 20 euros to taxi, we found out at the hotel that we were in wrong hotel – it’s organization with many hotels! Well, luckily they had free shuffle buss going the right hotel.

Everything was fine with hotel, except we had some difficulties with safety box ( when there wouldn’t be?). Well I didn’t check the facts. We needed to take 2 suffle busses to airport and the train to get to see Amsterdam.

What a sight it was!

When I googled vegan restaurants in Amsterdam, I did wrong and trusted google. Most of it was vegetarian, in first place we stopped by to eat, I asked vegan, but got vegetarian and then needed to explain what I don’t want to eat. It felt troublesome when I was so damn hungry. We didn’t spot any markets either. Later I bought foods from Centraal station.

We shopped, saw some canals – basically just walked around. Visited Medieval torture museum I don’t have any photos due to non-existent night vision. There even was secured but real guillotine which had warnings do not lie here. Kind of creepy museum, with low lights – we were too late for almost anything else, so we did what we could.

Heading back to hotel early enough ( plus we were dozing already in the train) so we catch the shuffle busses. Our hotel was literally in the middle of nowhere as we later on found out.Β WP_20170714_20_17_41_Pro_LI



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