Can’t wait to get a new look

Featured picture ( on the top) is my room right now. I’ll be putting up new furniture at the end of this week(!)

Last night Milan bought new tv and when we got it inside his room, he turned to me and said ” I want to have new arrangement in my room, how do you think I should move my furniture ? Should I put my bed under the window and this couch in the place of bed?”

In a poorly sketched picture of Milan’s room in first place and how he thought to arrange it.


I said ” No, you should leave bed where it is, put sofa under window and desk on that wall. ” Milan looked at me for a while ” Do you think sofa and bed are going to fit there? Maybe we can move bed little backward if it doesn’t fit. ”

I just said ” Let’s try it, I bet it fits.”Β  And it did.

In a picture

milanin huone

I’ll take a pictureΒ  the next time I am there, Milan’s room looks way bigger now and guess what he said. ” I love my room now. I don’t think I’ll be coming your place anymore.”

My only answer was ” I’ll be having a lovely room on my own around 12th of this month”

He just looked at me ” So you’ll be staying there?”

” I’ll have lovely room, but it’s you whom I’ll be with. I love you the best. ”




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