In shock

At least 8 was stabbed today and 2 has died to the wounds today in Turku, Finland

I don’t exactly know what happened, nor why it happened. First, I wasn’t there, not even nearby the city. At least for the time being Finnish police has given an announcement of what happened. And they’re working it all out. I have full confidence in them and I am so grateful of increased safety.

I am not religious person, though I was confirmed into Christianity. Today I prayed when I heard the news. I prayed for the victims and the witnesses. I prayed that there wouldn’t be negative counter-actions (in case it was terrorism) that would only inflame more hate each side. I prayed that there soon will be easy solution to stop all this horrors from happening. I prayed that everybody would feel understood and tolerated that nobody had any need to do harm.Β  I prayed that all different beliefs would stand abreast each other, instead of arguing which is the best. I prayed for everybody’s well-being and happiness and peace.

I lit a candle, for all that suffered and for all that have suffered, whether it was small or big.

I hope all who read this have a heart-warming day knowing I wish best for you.


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